Purpose is a word that has so many different definitions and explanations in this world. Everyone has a different idea about this word that perfectly reflects who they are as a person. This word constantly bombards everyone on this planet, pushing us all to do something great and if we don't we aren't a good asset to society. It's okay to not know where you're going yet and it's okay to try as hard as you can to at least get somewhere. Feeling lost doesn't mean that we can never find a way to go or a direction that makes us feel the most creative we can feel no matter what medium or environment that may be. It's hard to feel so many pressures of society fall on our shoulders since we were young enough to comprehend.

Taking small steps and taking the time to acknowledge that getting though another day is just as important as anything else. What you deem important in your life is what should matter, not anyone's preconceived notion of life.

If you want to find your purpose whether that's in life in general or a creative path that you don't know how to start, I just want to take the time to offer some ideas that have helped me when I've personally felt lost, felt like my work wasn't enough, or that I had no reason to go out of my way in the means of creativity.


Water yourself to have a clear mind. Drink, bathe, clean, all of it.


Just start cleaning so you can have a fresh start and a space that allows your creativity to flow the best that it can, devoid of distractions.


Love yourself and others, find something you love and take it apart, pick apart the pieces so you can put them back together in a new and innovative way.


Learn to be okay with not only where you are now, but know that you're okay and it'll be okay. Know that no matter what you have yourself and your mind. It's okay to push yourself and it's okay to take breaks when you feel you need them, not when someone says you should.