Arca proves to us once again that his visualizations paired with his sound, create a dripping like feeling in the listeners soul, creating a feeling that makes us feel like we're melting into nothing, that we're okay with it. There's a sense of despair, passion, and obscurity that's meant to make us uncomfortable. That's what I love about Arca, his work is uncomfortable but in a way that's natural to him as an artist, it's nowhere near overkill like some creators today. It's a natural process that has us sitting back in shock as we watch his elegant visuals.

This work captures the vulnerability of the character that's being portrayed through Arca, Alejandro Ghersi, you can see the pain on his face as his voice slowly echos over the bright pink and magenta background. From the haunting chorus, you can hear there is a very different sound, an intense sound that's not like what Arca listeners are accustomed to, he creates a new experience for those who want to feel the pain he's in.

An experimental masterpiece.