The Unique Members of Gen. Z.

I recently moved to New York city to study and devote the majority of my time to one of my greatest passions in life, photography. Growing up in Los Angeles, I assumed that I was prepared to live on my own in a large and densely populated city. I was going to be attending my top choice college, an arts school with a largely liberal population, and a university that valued diversity and the colorful individuality provided by their students. I was prepared to dedicate myself to my studies, spend time exploring the city of my dreams, and make new interesting and passionate friends. However, I did not anticipate the intense introspection required in attending art school or in the company of my fellow eclectic and unique members of Gen. Z.

Before coming to school I was excited to make friends and grow in a linear way, developing and bettering the person who I already I was. In all this wishful daydreaming of the future, I never imagined the countless hours that I would spend contemplating my identity. The following photos are meant to act as a visual translation of the universal journey of finding comfort and self-acceptance in the face of internal/external notions of gender, sexuality, and isolation, and the delicate and fragile nature of these concepts. I chose the backdrop of a communal college dorm bathroom to express the tension of going through highly personal experiences while simultaneously under the constant observation of peers.