March 31, 2017

and its tickling down my thigh 
and I see it in your eyes
No matter what you say
It'll never be the same

and you're putting on your clothes
already heading back home
but I don't want you to go
I don't want you to go

You're right here
But you're already gone
thinking about her 
just like always

trying to reach higher ground 
but I keep falling back down
Just wanting to be her

wanting to be her

she's so much better
and she's so much better 
and she's knows what I want
she's knows what I want 

come back to me 
come back to me
and let it

drip down my thighs
i see myself in your eyes

But You don't see me
you don't see me 

And I'm buried in your lies

while i'm lost in your eyes

I'm okay with that
I'm okay with that

Just please don't leave

Please reload

Please reload