Queer, Thoughtful, & Limitless

Three words that brely scratch the surface of who Arca really is and what he's accomplished with his music, more specifically, his self-titled album that was released today, 'Arca'.

This thirteen track album consists of the exploration of self identity, queer issues brought to the attention of all of those who listen, and the limitless boundaries Arca constantly stretches within each title on this album. The first track on the album, the introduction to the whole project, will set you off the edge because of how haunting and sorrowful it rings. The emotion pulses through each shaking lyric from his mouth, it makes you feel like you have a layer of skin around you, wet and dark, the sounds are so layered with feelings it's almost suffocating.

The theatrical vocals from track to track carries a similar theme that will keep you following the story, but doesn't lack any sense of difference within each individual song. Each is different in its own way, in such a way that you'll have to listen to each song more than once to fully understand the story behind it. The sorrow behind it.

This sort of gender expression, Arca's exploration of his own identity when it comes to where he wants to invoke change in the world is clear, it always has been. But this album, this album that represents his most personal moments, it demands attention, and you better listen.

Listen to the full 'Arca' album on Itunes or Spotify, links below.