Why is art important?

While I can't give you a straight factual answer to this extremely broad question, I can give you my insight when it comes to the view I've personally held onto so dearly the last few years. Art is sensual, scary, intimidating, and a process we all have the opportunity to dive into on our own accord. That's why it's important, anyone can be an artist. Anyone can create something that emotionally connects themselves to a physical concept they've developed. A child can draw a stick figure on the back of a menu at a local diner and it can be their version of the Mona Lisa, who's to say that that interpretation isn't a creation of art?

Yes there are books and books about the principles and elements that go into making a visually rewarding piece of work, but who sat there and told Banksy or Basquiat that because they used too much black, their work isn't as rewarding to the viewer because of a lack of flow? Maybe tons of critics sat there and wrote about their work like that, but that didn't stop them from creating in the direction they wanted to go in.

I know art is important, but why? That's a question I'll always ask, going round and round listing different answers that fit but not quite, because of the limitless scope it all covers, there's no possible way to narrow it down in a simple and clean answer.

Artists like Georgi Andinov, Suzi Hyun, and Synchrodogs are perfect examples of how artists create work using the same medium yet creating three drastically different worlds for the viewer to explore. While their more modern approach to design and composition might through some off or make an individual search a bit harder for an answer, it's not the artists' job to hold the hand of the viewer, but to instead show them a world and let the viewers mind run free from any restraints or directions.

These three fashion photographers might have vastly different perspectives, but they also have their own personal justification when it comes to the definition of art.

Visuals In Order Of Appereance.

Georgi Andinov

Suzi Hyun