With this editorial, I endeavored to explore the ways in which teens choose to express themselves through their outward appearance. Experimenting with various ways of embellishing one's appearance is a commonplace experience. Whether it be through clothing, makeup, hair dye, or accessories, young people will always find unique ways to express their personalities visually. I chose to photograph four young artists who employ varied but equally compelling methods. Exploring one's identity and distilling that into a personal aesthetic can be challenging and discouraging, but the struggle for authenticity and comfort in the way one chooses to present oneself to the world is exactly what helps us discover who we are. I chose the simple head-on portrait style to invoke school picture day. Growing up, we are told to look our best and most presentable for picture day, so I wanted to mimic that restrictive set-up while also having the subjects curate their own looks. In this way, I could re-enact a strong recurring experience/memory from childhood, while allowing the subjects to take control of their appearance.