These photographs are stills from a movie which has never been made. the images explore the subtleties of being alone and having to persevere through adversity without anyone by your side. they are meant to evoke a dark and melancholy mood, while the red lighting nods to the anger and frustration that accompanies the inability to escape one's sadness. the captions come from the lyrics of Vashti Bunyan's "Train Song", which chronicles traveling to meet a long-lost lover in order to find fulfillment. Bunyan's lyrics accentuate the themes in these photographs by highlighting the loss of joy and the need to recapture happiness in order to feel complete. the photographs also touch on themes of spirituality and faith through use of the dark setting and blindfold/various ritualistic objects. the captions introduce the idea of losing one's religion and reflect the ache that accompanies looking for god/faith in order to feel purpose in life.