Gucci is back at it again with the crazy visuals and possible fail of their brand.

The unique outer space and alien vibe they've flooded their Instagram with, models dressed in high fashion, and reciting lines of speech from old sc-fis has everyone split. Either people love it or hate it. Love it because it's something different than their regular 'sexy' editorials, it shows a trending style of holo glitter, high fashion that appeals to vintage lovers, and a concept that presents new ideas. Hate it because of how drastically different it is from the original brand of Gucci and because it's an uncredited rip off of a smaller designer that's create countless looks with obscure creatures heads and alien like features..

"If Gucci under Tom Ford will be remembered for pushing fashion advertising to its most scandalously sexy, Gucci under Alessandro Michele might be remembered for embracing internet weirdness in its campaigns. Fresh off commissioning meme artists to help promote a line of watches, Gucci has now created some fashionable weirdness of its own by posting a series of what can only be described as alien screen tests to its Instagram page." - W Magazine

But at the end of the day, this ripped off idea from brilliant designer Pierre-Louis Auvray needs the credit behind this work. This designer obviously sparked the inspiration for the Gucci team, and it will not be ignored. Check out more of Auvray's work here