This heartbreaking music video shows a very important message, a message that needs to be seen by everyone.

Hurts hasn't release a new album for quite a while now, 2 years to be exact. The fact that they've decided to come back with such a hugely impactful video such as, 'Beautiful Ones', shows not only the meaning behind their music and passion, but also the importance of putting real world issues before self gain.

A visual creation that shows the night of a victim mercilessly beat, reversing throughout the night to the start which is the end of the video. Showing the individual enjoying life and the freedom they feel being themselves. Seeing what happens when such evil individuals can't take rejection is eye opening for many who have shut down any thought of being open minded and understanding.

With this video we can only hope that people will listen and understand in a new way. We can only thank Hurts for creating something so powerful.