Time and time again we all are faced with challenges that test us on every single level of our lives.

I've constantly been seeing more and more outstanding creators in the industry develop new ways to not only include a full spectrum of individuals, but also promote a lifestyle that brings strength, creativity, and innovation to the forefront.

With the creators behind the Nike Women's collection, consistently producing new ranges of designs and fashions for women around the world. Taking into consideration the sensitivity and strength behind religion, climate, and the social norms forced by society on individuals who are fighting heavily against it. There is no other possible outcome besides feeling empowered and motivated to do more.

Artists like Amy Martino, Shantell Martin, Allana Clarke, Tony Gum, and Baseera Khan, these women are creating a social climate change in a world where the option of designing strength, designing a life that is unique to personal goals and growth, was never an option, but instead hidden away because of others being too afraid.

Just start somewhere, design a life that really speaks to your character and your creations, the strength in these individuals, use it to motivate and push. To believe and to brush off the discouraging negativity that seems to tail wherever we go. Work together to build the strength we so desperately need in this world, this community of creatives, because we should be building each other up, not tearing each other down every chance we get.

Support local artists and what they create, support women who step out of their comfort zone every single day to achieve their dreams, and most of all support yourself to keep trying and creating even when it feels like an impossible reach.

Visuals Tony Gum

The Lake Magazine shoot


Photography - Hayden Phipps

Styling - Kristi Vlok.