From the official bio:

Drake is one of the hottest artists to emerge in the last 10 years and his music has been nothing short of revolutionary. With a string of remixes and covers over those years, this one by Vanessa Elisha will definitely capture your attention.

The Australian singer-songwriter has created a brooding cover of the 2011 track ‘Good Ones Go’ which is featured on Drake’s ‘Take Care’ album. The contrast between Vanessa’s sultry vocal performance and the gritty production, by long-time collaborator XXYYXX combine perfectly to create a fresh future R&B take on the track.

Funnily enough, this cover happened by accident when Vanessa found herself struggling to write in the studio one night. Given that a lot of people cover Drake’s music, she was apprehensive about releasing it, but sometimes these things happen for a reason, and certainly deserve to be heard by the masses.

“I opened up this 8-bar loop and I immediately heard the cover over it, so I just started recording it for shits and giggles. It wasn’t really meant to be anything. So many people cover Drake and I didn’t want to be corny about it, but the more I worked on it the cooler it got. This is definitely one of my favourite Drake vocal and lyrical performances,” she said.

As avid Drake fans would know, ‘Good Ones Go’ isn’t a full song; it is in fact an interlude that follows the track ‘Cameras’. The way that Vanessa has reinterpreted the interlude has made for a unique and a standout performance, separating it from the countless Drake covers out there.

Teaming up with friend XXYYXX to finesse the productions was an easy decision, and together they have created a cover that would make Drake proud.