Could you introduce yourself?


What’s your life philosophy? How do you try to apply that to your work?

It's hard to say what is my philosophy. I explore different oriental philosophy, but I wouldn't always follow to their formal system principles. I often use Meditative states, easing mind, stand attention at breathing. That's how It's much more easier for me to do something.

What could you tell us about your track, 'Faust'? What was the inspiration and process behind it?

One of Max Richter’s tracks inspired me. I wanted to something dynamic, classic and dramatic at the same time. The process was so easy, that I can hardly remember, how I made this track. Now certainly I would have done it differently with another pitch and with another sound. May be, it'd because that I hadn't a solid intention to make a good song and it was an unconscious flow, it had worked much more better, than I've expected. I hope that a person, who hears this or my another song feels himself better. That's all I dream about.

When it comes to remixing and creating mixes, what kind of music grabs your attention first, what are a few qualities that strongly stand out to you?

In my music library there are a lot of Jazz from 70-s, Electronic music, Hip-Hop, Techno & Ambient. May it's reflected in what I do, but I don't think so.

Where do you see yourself this year in terms of music, could you tell us about some upcoming work you've been planning?

Now I'm working on 3 projects. One of them is Tusaboy - my kind of 2nd Alter Ego. Hope to finish it by Summer.

Do you have any rituals you do before you start your creative process for a new project, to get your mind and energy in the right place?

Yes, I often imagine songs in my had and then, fulfill it with right sound. Sometimes I don't even notice, how I spend 15-16 hours in studio, thats why it's necessary to realize what exactly I'm doing and why.

What’s a typical day for you?

My typical day begins in Studio, where I spend as much time, as I can. In general, it starts with yoga, meditation, breathing practices and a cup of good coffee.

What are some of your goals for 2017?

There are a lot of ideas, connected ton only with music. What exactly will happen, we'll see in the end of this year. For me it's really interesting, 'cos the list of things is long and it's need to be done by this year. Some non-music collaborations we've made in previous year and now we're waiting for results.

What makes you happy?

Happiness is a special state of mind and consciousness. You are already happy person and you always were. Nothing prevents you from being happy, except your own thoughts. There is no bad or good situations, there is only how you react on it ! That's my philosophy.

Any closing comments?

I hope, that the reader will get positive thoughts, because what you think makes your day. Peace and Well to everyone.