Roxi Yung is an influencer I feel we've all seen at least somewhere while perusing social media. You can't help but notice her extremely bold style and her brash presence that seems like it hits you in the face. While some might be put off by the color, the gems, the sparkle, the twist of styles and never ending guessing game of what she'll do next, it does entice a following that has had her back from the very start.

From the outside looking in, it's clear that her presence throughout social media, specifically Instagram, really has shaped her in a way where her style transition over the last few years seems to have helped her currently embrace a new found confidence that just radiates from every post. She shapes her social media to fit her lifestyle, not anyone else's, that kind of confidence especially in this day and age is rare.

Roxi Yung is a determined creative that clearly builds her life around what makes her a positive individual, she's strong, and she's someone this generation looks up to, which almost brings a bit of comfort, knowing that creatives like this really do create a difference in the world around us, and the community we're building.