MISBHV makes you want to do exactly that, misbehave.

A polished brand that creates the most wearable and unique clothing that requires you to do some in-depth soul searching before slipping into one of their signature Ts or flared jeans. MISBHV doesn't follow trends that you see all over social media, they create simple yet versatile collections that make an impact.

Only at the age of 19, Polish designer Natalia Maczek started creating DIY fashion using the name MISBHV for the sole purpose of creating for her friends, fast forward and now the brand has an immense following that loves every creation from this professional and expressive label. Maczek's creations combine elements of cynicism and a minimalist vibe that has been graffiti'd over in seconds.

An excerpt from an Idol Magazine interview with the creators behind MISHBV:

"We don’t come from a fashion background. At some point our paths crossed, and we realized there’s so much to do in Poland. At that time, 5 years ago, there were almost no fashion brands that were ran by young creatives. We were always interested in fashion, but what’s more important is that we felt the vibe that was coming to Poland. We were very much into the club scene and the skate community. MISBHV is just the natural effect of all those influences. There would be no MISBHV if it weren’t for the people we grew up with."

The kind of world you'd wear MISBHV in reminds me of a post-apocalyptic chic universe, where you look put together for the most part but then there's some thrown in band shirt from the 90s or other miscellaneous accessories that remind you of the past but take on a whole new life that doesn't follow the trends of a typical style revival. DIY on a whole new level, seemingly taking the aspect of deconstruction to a new world by eliminating a pieced together look and replacing it with a more cohesive feel that's reminiscent of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, meets a 9AM business meeting, meets a local Eastern European night club at midnight. But in all seriousness, MISBHV creates collections that focus on detail and silhouette, creating interesting looks while still looking clean cut and otherworldly.

This new take on the classic Polish club kid look makes me proud to be Polish.

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