Connor Franta is an individual that has really had a huge impact on the youth of today. He's gone through a lot, he's been putting his life into the videos on his YouTube channel since 2010. People might remember him from the collective he was a part of back in the day, known as O2L, but even a casual watcher of his work would find it obvious that he's changed. He's changed a lot.

Who is Connor Franta, from my own experience he's a creator, he's innovative, he isn't afraid of risks, and he is exploring himself.

I think it's most important to talk about not only his branching out from the past into other ventures such as The Thirst Project, but also discussing his newest book which I feel represents a lot of his recent life changes in one physical object. 'Note To Self', Connor Franta's newest book which is marketed as an open diary, a look into Franta's life without a filter. Embracing the changes he's made over the last few years and opening not only his life up even more than he does on YouTube, but using this book as another way to experience more growth and soul searching. He's confidently shown the world what it means to develop personal style and not shy away from being sensitive. He's stated in an interview with Out Magazine that he even cries pretty much over anything. As simple as that might sound and of course you don't have to try to be sensitive, but I honestly feel that really shows a piece of him he's embraced that might have been hiding when we first saw him appear on YouTube all those years ago.

Connor Franta is branching out, he's changed and he's a great individual to spotlight in such a positive way that praises those changes that continue to be unapologetic. It's okay if our favorite creators change, and in this case, the changes made have opened up a more serious and more unique experience between the viewer and creator.

"if I could tell my very-younger self something, I would tell him to let loose more often. I think it all roots in sexuality, but because of that, I became so worried about everything — worried about what people thought. I was afraid to be creative and charismatic and eccentric. Just to do things, to do things; like dancing. I was afraid of looking too flamboyant or something. I would tell myself to stop being so stressed about what other people are thinking. Stop being so afraid that something may not come off the right way."

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