Farrah Chamseddine | GOLDEN BOY PRESS INTERVIEW #367

Could you introduce yourself?

Hello my name is Farrah Chamseddine. I'm a visual artist from LA, living and working in New York. I like to make photo portraits of women but I also draw, paint, & recently got into acting. Oh, I also like to read Tarot ⚡.

What’s your life philosophy? How do you try to apply that to your work?

To be true to myself and personal evolution. I like to find new ways to live in integrity with myself. And the more easy I get about following my truth, the sweeter and more real my work gets.

Could you tell us what you think makes you stand apart in the art industry?

I think that my work is about empowering women to be authentically themselves. I am making art that relates to current feminine culture and how we normalized looking at women's bodies from a narrow, male focused lens. My work, as a woman, is hopefully paving a path towards celebrating women for their unique qualities.

How would you describe your art style? Do you feel like it reflects you?

I feel my art style is timeless, raw, and vulnerable. Simple yet powerful. I do feel like it reflects me at my core.

Who are the individuals in your work? Friends, family, strangers?

The individuals in my work are mostly friends, friends of friends, and lately strangers. I also often do self-portraits.

What are a few tips for other artists that might be reading this?

Trust yourself and your vision because it is yours and no one else's. That's taken me some time to learn and embrace.

If you had to choose any music album that captures the emotion of your work, what would it be and why?

No Mythologies to Follow album by MØ, super into Slow Love.

What's one thing that has to do with art that others might not know about you?

I can draw a full on representational portrait of anyone from life using just a ball point pen. I studied classical figure drawing for about 10 years. That's what got me into photography.

Do you have any rituals you do before you start your creative process for a new project, to get your mind and energy in the right place?

Rituals I do to involve me getting clear mentally and emotionally first about what I want, and get organized, visually. I can't work around clutter. Mostly I do research around an aesthetic I'm resonating with at the time and it often connects to where I’m at. But mostly its about making a connection with who I am photographing and learning them.

What’s a typical day for you?

I don't really have a typical day. Everyday is different for me because I'm often involved in various projects at once. These days, to sharpen my focus, I try to listen to what my natural inspirations are around creating art for that day.

Coffee or tea?

Tea w/ honey or decaf coffee.

What are some of your goals for 2017?

Some of my goals for 2017 are to be fearless & put my work out there more, to do more collaborative work, and to take myself to auditions for acting.

What makes you happy?

Going on adventures with people or animals, making art, dancing, acting, and living an independent life in a crazy place like New York city makes me happy.

Any closing comments?

Thank you for the wonderful feature.