Photography is a way to "capture the landscape of the soul of a person."

Gilles Larrain is a French-American photographer that has been breaking down the walls of conformity since 1938. He's honed is skill in portrait photography, outstretching his grasp when it comes to fashion and avant garde works. His studio space was his place of creation, having people he admires, from every walk of life you could imagine and setting up one of the most raw and untouched photography sessions I could imagine. When it comes to colors, props, and over all environments, Gilles Larrain was creative, keeping it moderately simple and really making sure each tiny detail in the frame has a massive reign of influence because of the relationship between the notable individual he was capturing and the meaning behind the selected prop or accessory.

Gilles Larrain has photographed individuals such as: Salvador Dali, Billy Joel, Norman Mailer, Sting, and Miles Davis. The list could go on, but you get the picture.