An artist that is constantly changing up her style while still strangely maintaining a base line of unique flair that could only belong to her and what she creates.

Allie X is a Canadian singer and songwriter that started off with an interest in classical music, which the influence can actually be heard in her recent releases if you listen closely. She's gained global attention because of her motivation towards her creations, always making sure everything is perfect. That kind of attention to detail seems to have been lost when it comes to many of the performers we see enjoying the spotlight.

Mixing edgy lyrics that will make you feel any emotion from furious to melancholy, to the sound that envelops it all in a sugar coated pop melody. Allie X's music will leave you in a state of dismay.

From a Noisey excerpt about Allie X & 'Paper Love': "['Paper Love' is about] when you find yourself getting into [a romantic situation] that you know will rip you up and you do it anyway," the 31-year-old singer says. "[The term] 'paper love' [means] the kind of love that is too fragile and violent to work but still feels smooth and sexy and sharp and you can't help going forward with it. Like, 'Watch my heart turn to pulp!' It's like knowing [a situation] is going to hurt so good."

Her sound is the kind of music you put on the record player in the middle of the night when you can't sleep and your thoughts are bombarded by all your shitty friends and it oddly gives you the confidence to do whatever the fuck you want. Like cutting your own bangs at 3AM.

We just had to dive in deeper with this song we love it so much.