Could you introduce yourself?

I'm Fiona Silver. I write and play music. I'm born and raised in NYC. I love traveling and performing. What’s your life philosophy? How do you try to apply that to your work?

Honesty and authenticity is important to me and those things come through in my work. I also definitely have an appreciation for experiencing the present moment and that's one of the things I love about being on stage. Could you tell us what you think makes you stand apart in the music industry?

My music is pretty eclectic. People constantly try to put artists in a box and label them one genre but I really like to explore sonically and I think that sets my music apart.

How would you describe your music style? Do you feel like it reflects you?

My music totally reflects me. It has a wide range of emotions. I tell a lot of self-reflective stories in my songs. The music itself draws from all sorts of music from Billie Holiday to Led Zeppelin. It's a lot of soul and rock and sometimes is grungy and dirty and sometimes it's sweet and soft. What inspired the visuals in your most recent video for, 'Take Me Down'?

I love the esthetic of the 1960's. The music has a very 60's feel so I took the opportunity to dive into that look and vibe. At the same time it is contemporary and gets to showcase some of my friends like Richie Shazam, who is a current public figure for gender fluidity. Could you tell us about your upcoming album, 'Little Thunder'? What's the story behind the work?

‘Little Thunder’ was a long time coming. It feels like my whole life lead up to this in a way, but that will continue for the future records as well I'm sure. It's a 7-track album that really melds genres and tells the stories of struggle, heartbreak, grief, love, introspection, relationships and triumph. It is both bold and vulnerable. If you had to choose any music album that captures the emotion of your work, what would it be and why?

All the songs are unique so it’s hard to pick one, but I think “Take Me Down” is a good middle ground. It's fun and at the same time the message is meaningful. It's a mix of rock and soul, and I really get into it when I perform it. What's one thing that has to do with music that others might not know about you?

I studied Opera for a little while when I was a kid…haha. How has NYC influenced your creativity? Do you feel your style would have turned out differently if it wasn't developed in NYC?

Yeah absolutely. Being a native New Yorker completely affects who you are and how you view the world and I think it has a lot to do with my eclectic sound. Do you have any rituals you do before you start your creative process for a new project, to get your mind and energy in the right place?

No it's always different. I like candles and Christmas lights, vibe is important. I like to mediate and free-write or write poetry, but more often it is just about picking up an instrument and starting to play. What’s a typical day for you?

Ha! There is no typical day for me. It's all over the place. But I have a small dog so it usually starts and ends with walking him! I would bring him to Thompson Square Park, write while I'm there, meet up with friends, go to the studio for a few hours to work on new material with a producer friend or have. And practice, eat some food, walk my dog, maybe meet up with friends again to go check out a show or something, and on a really productive day hit a yoga class! Coffee or tea?

I drink both frequently but definitely coffee! What are some of your goals for 2017?

Release my debut album, tour, release my music videos and keep writing meeting new people and having new experiences. All of those things are pretty much already happening or lined up too! What makes you happy?

Sunshine, my dog, good friends, seeing people live their truth whatever that is, flowers, music! Any closing comments?

Nah, it's been a pleasure. Just looking forward to what's in store for me and my band!