The Thing About Casey Neistat

Is that he doesn't care what you write about him, he doesn't care what people have to say when it comes to bloggers commenting on his character. Many people trying to achieve status like him feel the pressure when a gossip rag throws up a series of words, speaking about something you dedicate your life to.

I've held off on writing a WHO editorial on Casey Neistat for one reason and one reason only, I was scared.

Typing out that sentence and reading it back now, it actually feels ridiculous which is exactly what I was hoping would happen. But that's the truth. The creative mind that creates countless videos for YouTube, Casey Neistat, has been almost like a dad on the sidelines of a sons baseball game. The son might feel invisible to their father, but nevertheless the dad is still cheering for their kid.

In all seriousness, Neistat has been an inspiration just like that cliche I just wrote above, an inspiration that has not only bombarded my life with the urge to work hard and accomplish my goals, but comfort in knowing that someone out there has a similar work ethic to myself.

Not only is this WHO series focused on capturing a glimpse of who people are, what they're creating, and what speaks to them when they go out in the community to find their inspiration and drive, this series is devoted to exploring how the creative output of one individual can have a massive effect when it comes to the wave they're creating. It hits us all eventually in one way or another and it will again and again until we do something about it.

The thing about Casey Neistat is that we don't know him, we might not ever know more than what we see in his vlogs, but regardless, the message he gives to the world is real.


What does Casey Neistat do that's so astonishingly amazing? He films his life in a way that's changing the generation who watches his content. I'm sure others have described his work better than I currently am, but keeping it short and simple, to me, is the best possible way to describe someone's passion.


Just to reiterate, Neistat is an inspiration to us here at GOLDEN BOY PRESS, he's probably an inspiration to everyone who watches his videos. But that brings up the final point of having inspirations and knowing how to be inspired correctly. Being inspired doesn't mean the inspiration is what's driving you, but it's more like a nod in your direction. Individuals like Neistat have been influencing so many people since the beginning of time, but when it comes down to it, if you're creating and putting passion into something that has your heart and mind in a tight grasp, something that is unique and makes you vulnerable, you're probably doing something right.