A Warm Summer With Alexandra Von Fuerst

The extreme art concepts created by London based Italian photographer, Alexandra Von Fuerst focuses on the space in a photograph. Analyzing negative space and the positive to create a major shift in the way the average viewer sees her work. Coming off like advant garde fashion editorials, this photographer does so much more when you get up close and personal with every small detail. Once you bring yourself in closer you'll notice a series of very important details that transform her fashion photography into a whole new medium completely unique to her.

From her more minimalist work primarily focusing around black and white, with a splash of metallic, it's interesting to see her progression into the featured work here. Using colors and interesting angles to capture fashion forward works that pay an ode to a vibe filled with classical Renaissance.

What are your thoughts when it comes to this work, do you prefer when fashion photography is more straight forward, or do you enjoy works that come together as a whole to showcase a piece of work on its own that can strongly stand by itself in the art world?

An excerpt from Gestalten;

"Italian photographer Alexandra Von Fuerst focuses on objectification, creating inspiring works that transform her subjects into sculptural elements. Through her lens, the photographed subject becomes an inanimate object blending with its surroundings. As she shares, the colorful components of her work become a means to stress the relationship between space and subject. She's furthermore interested in shapes and forms, elements that play an important role in her work."