Could you introduce yourself?

A: Hi, I’m Atef, I’m from the band Hermetic Delight, I’m the guitars. Z: Hi, I’m Zeynep, the singer.

It was a pleasure having you involved with GBP last year! How have things been since we last spoke?

A: Well, last time we spoke we were five. Now we are four, Geoff, who used to play the second guitar left last year. Now we are dealing with four brains. Still playing live in a five-piece band though, we have talented friends, hopefully.

Could you tell us about the process of creating the visuals for, 'Vow'?

A: You mean the video? It was very interesting. The ‘18’ collective came to us with the project of making a videoclip for us if we let them drive. We only chose the song and they put us into introspection with many questions about us and ourselves. Then they brought us to Hamburg for 3 days in Germany for the shooting. We shot some scenes in Strasbourg, too. Our answers were the basement of their reflection to make the scenario and it was really… What we are, actually. They minded us and the song fits perfectly with the visuals. Z: Atef explained very well the process. It was really a unique experience to see what you visualized in your mind comes to life in exactly how you imagined it without any comments necessary. It’s always a pleasure to come across with likeminded people in terms of artistic touch.

What can listeners expect from your latest EP? What do you want your audience to feel?

A: This EP is fragile. You can hear it the way it’s crafted. The production is made like a dark folk or an old black metal album. I engineered the mix session, with Geoff, and this is one of the reasons he quit. This is really hard when you wish to create something that its purpose is to be the most authentic reflection of what we were at this moment. You turn a knob and it’s not only “is it better with more treble” or “is it better with more reverb”. It was “is it more Hermetic Delight this way? Or that way?” What is left when you listen to the vinyl is the strong emotion. The emotion that I think it’s missing in many many bands playing rock these days. It’s understandable, rock used to be shown as cool, as positively or negatively awesome. Even it’s from the garage scene, it’s still powerful because it’s not their music that is strong, it’s their way of life. But always here, fragility is something that is hidden, because it’s feared and intimate. Emotion and rock’n’roll? Nah. Rockers show even less emotion than satanists and gangstas. Z: This EP represents very well the passage of rite of Hermetic Delight. We are growing together and some are growing out as the way life is. So to say, this EP for me is a new route in our music towards new horizons yet we’ll share with the audiences in the years to come, hopefully. It takes some time to put a distance between something you’ve been involved so deeply and as of now, I can say that I am proud of this EP and am personally looking forward for the next recording. The audience is free to feel what they want but I think the hints are very and maybe even too obviously put in the music and lyrics to express our point of departure.

Still enjoying the ritual of going to the forest and laying on the ground in a circle to do group cunnilingus? (Check out our last interview here)

Z: This sentence was a reference to a group called Rock Bitch which I don’t know if is still active to this day or not ☺ (I must admit, I didn’t even google). I can’t say I’m a fan but their live shows and photos was a unique thing to watch! There was a pagan lesbian cult thing going on and there was this one particular photo about an earth fucking ceremony in group, hence where the reference comes from :) A: I’m fighting for the blowjob cause, now.

What else can we look forward to from you in 2017?

A: This year, not much. But we will be silent to shape our musical future. Now that we exorcised our emotion, we may write a lighter music, even pop. I miss the pop. The essential one. Z: I think pop can be emotional too Atef ☺ But of course there is a thin line between cheesy and emotional. We’ll see how things shape out but yes, we can surprise our audience with a slightly different direction.

Any closing comments?

Z: Youth against fascism.