Imagine walking into a world where you see yourself a thousand times and other strong, powerful, and independent women surrounding you, dancing, glittering with every movement. I'm pretty sure this is what heaven looks like.

The creation of "Olympia" by POLARTROPICA was created with blood, sweat, and determination, and it shows.

'Olympia' was just released on lolipop records and we haven't been able to stop listening to the extremely motivational glam pop that couldn't be created by anyone other than POLARTROPICA. You'll find yourself singing this song in your head all day once you watch this glitter and neon filled music video.

POLARTROPICA wrote this song to submit for Tokyo Olympics 2020 saying that she was heavily inspired by the hard work individuals put into their performances, their dedication for one moment to shine. Also the work and effort put in by millions of people to show community across the globe to make a huge difference after the rough elections we've had.

Her aim was to create a femme version of the classic moon mythology from China and Japan - with the mochi making rabbits and battling the scorching sun. She contrasted the story of Chang's wife, who took the elixir of life an had to stay on the moon by herself by putting all of the ladies there, a way to be together and strong in numbers. That kind of strength and determination acts as the driving force behind this eclectic work of art and that aire of encouragement doesn't go unnoticed.

"We tried to incorporate the idea of all-female bodyguards into rabbit figurines. I remember I was telling you about some of the female bodyguards, but in this case we wanted to be gun/knife free so they fight with LED fire fans. The female guards are growing more common in China, Gaddafi also had famous all - female guards, and there are some in Spain that protect abused women! Short video I found about them - http://rava.pk/33909-badass-female-bohe-rise-in-china/"

Watch the video here:

As an added bonus, enjoy these exclusive behind the scenes imagery of the 'Olympia' set!

Photo Credit: Olivia Hemaratanatorn, @dontmeanmaybe