A passion filled dance number that will have you mesmerized as Sevdaliza moves across your screen, almost like she's creating a ritual that will project your whole being into another world. Her world. This music video for "BLUECID" shows Sevdaliza center stage, the camera rotating as she belts out from her soul To me this project is one of her more real songs when it comes to the mood and how unaltered she is in her performance. She's constantly commanding the attention from the viewer as she fluidly moves to the beat of the song.

This album, 'ISON', without a doubt is one of her most detailed projects to date, she's grown as an artist and she's shown that she wants to keep that growth present. Her work isn't something that you can just brush off and dismiss as another music artist from the Hollywood music industry, she's more than that and her work will transform not only how you feel this very moment, but how you will from from now on.

When speaking to Bazaar about the inspiration behind the work:

When asked for her inspiration behind the piece, Sevdaliza provided a lyric from the song ("And I could only have you in my dreams, so it seems"), and a passage from Dante's Inferno:

"My sage cried out to him: 'You think, perhaps, this is the Duke of Athens, who in the world put you to death. Get away, you beast, for this man does not come tutored by your sister; he comes to view your punishments.'"

Watch BLUECID below: