Could you introduce yourself?

Hey I’m Selasse, 26, British born Ghanaian based in London. How did the name SELVSSE come about? Could you tell us the story?

Ok so, SELVSSE is still pronounced se-lah-see, but the spelling came about after having a mad dream. You see, I battled and reasoned with all my different selves for 3000 years (dream years), all in search for a monk named ‘TrU Self’. I realise I’d been looking everywhere but inside to find this self character. I woke up the next morning and became SELVSSE…Short version of this story is I needed a twitter handle that stood out and this was the closest to my name, I think it worked.

What’s your life philosophy? How do you try to apply that to your work?

My life philosophy is patience and persistence, which works for me. Other days take a toll and I feel the weight of not being as proactive as I should be; those are probably the days where I need to be patient or persistent, it’s weird, I don’t think I really know what I’m on about.

We love your track, 'Where We Were' Ft Mars Today! Could you tell us about the inspiration behind it? What was it like working with Mars Today?

Thank you, I like this song too! Mars Today is a wavy guy from San Francisco, I first heard of him through SoundCloud and reached out around the time I was working on my ‘Rituals’ EP. I sent over a simple drum loop I built and he hit me back with this hypnotic dreamy sound and vocal chop. The instrumental really created a feeling of self reflection and it was perfect, I didn’t even want to extend it longer than it already is. I know we’ll have the opportunity to work closer very soon.

Who would your dream collab be with, and why?

My dream production collab would be with Yutaka Yokokura or ThunderCat from Brainfeeder Records. Yutaka because he’s just great with his song arrangements and we would make a tune that’ll make the world cry tears of joy. ThunderCat because he would come up with the maddest groove on his bass and I’d concoct a mad drum pattern to make sure anyone that listens will have to dance.

What do you look for when you remix and flip a track? Is there anything specific that stands out to you?

When I remix a song, I’m trying to complement what has already been made or completely reinterpret the song. This will vary from using the whole tune or just a few seconds from it.

If you had to make a song for today, what would the vibe of it be and why? What would the title be?

If I had to make a song today the vibe would be ambient and hopeful, ‘new beginnings’ type of ambience. The reason being that even though sh*t seems bleak, this is truly our time to burn bright, so I wanna encourage that. I’d call the tune ‘’Stimela”

How do you feel your past has influenced where you are now? What are some of your goals for 2017?

My past feels vast when I think about it, I’m grateful for all the experiences… So my goal for 2017 is to apply 100% of myself to whatever I’m involved with, be it a project or ironing my clothes. Also create better past memories to inspire me for the future.

What makes you happy?

Making a song I’m obsessed with, seeing my sister happy and the thought of creating better times than we’re living through.

Any closing comments?

Much love for reaching out and letting me express some thoughts on your platform… In regards to music, keep an ear out for two projects this year ‘Hollow Earth Radio’ & ‘Wealth of Man’.

Visuals | Emmanuel Kihomano for Onleague