Stella Lucia brings forward a light unlike any other in the high fashion community. Her smile contagious and her down to earth vibe radiating to the far reaches of the world. Raised on the Austrian countryside and now living in Vienna, it's very clear that this has influenced where she is today. Her natural beauty acts as a perfect canvas from minimalist fashion looks to obscure buckets of color and yards of fabric such as this editorial photographed by Mario Testino.

From the debut of this look on Fashion Cow: "Stella Lucia is a work of art in “Feisty” by Mario Testino for Vogue Italia, 02/16. The heir apparent the art divine this story celebrates the conquest of curiosity. Panos Yiapanis creates a collection of pieces that are devoted to the act of extreme blending. Nothing matches yet everything works in this eclectic editorial aimed at the exquisite. The body billboard is erected as visual imagery is vested through the craft of couture. Overlapping styles erupt with trends that take on new forms of expression. Each piece projects a sense of syllogistic synergy as purposeful insanity plays itself out. Patterns form an odd faction as the beguiling looks of neo-fashion blend. By weaving together wild fabrics we find ourselves facing the artful world of chaos."

She's been known to look up to both Katie Grand and Grace Coddington, both strong women who have made their own mark on the fashion industry, it's no wonder the strong presence of Stella Lucia resembles that same devotion. Her effortless and chic style almost comes off as boyish, I'm sure Ari Fitz would approve honestly. It's just astounding how easily Lucia can shed her appearance almost like a snake, ready to pull on whatever look she's offered and doing it with utter confidence and ease.

With her platinum blonde hair, looks might be decieving because her edgy soul can be felt if you ever see her in person, she sees the world around her in a different way that only she could know how to explain it. Her stare sees right through you.