This lightly sung and seemingly casual tune has cast a new sound into the playing field.

TORRES, lead by Mackenzie Scott, starts off by standing her ground in a very old looking manor, strumming her guitar and singing the lyrics that almost come out in a very monotone way that actually works. She strums and tells us the words over a thudding beat that will most defiantly stay in your head, when suddenly a pair of arms start intruding and caressing her body. It's amazing how something so simple, an element that is not made from flash CGI or accentuated by huge bass drops, it's amazing how something like this can really change the mood of the whole song, bringing it to life and bringing the story to a whole new level of reality.

This music video for, 'Skim' is unsettling to say the least, but we honestly love it and the style of the aesthetic.

Will you listen to TORRES with us and bob your head in the summer heat to the latest music video for 'Skim' below?