The Legend Of The Golden Dolphin

"Music is in my blood. My dad is a fantastic bass player and he toured nationally throughout the early 70's and early 80's, so basically I was turned on to classic rock straight out of the womb." The four piece band known as OrKa Odyssey has released their second LP today, "The Legend Of The Golden Dolphin". The LP transcends reality when you take the time to listen to it all the way through in order, the tracks flow from one another and the energy isn't interrupted throughout the course of the project. When we first spoke to the band they said that this album will be unlike anything we've ever heard, I would have to agree. Nautical and something almost old world about this psychedelic LP, it brings you back to a time where you feel the wind in your hair and you're in the middle of searching for something that has the possibility to be life changing, just like the golden dolphin. This 18 track LP will propose that kind of ethereal sense of exploration as soon as it sucks you in. You might even end up saying “fuck it” to your day job (but please don't). OrKa Odyssey has provided us with the ultimate summer album, something we can listen to while going through the emotions and chaos around us in the world. This album is a sound that ties us to reality in a very abstract way. The quintessential and unique lyrics that wrap around your brain when you listen to the work as a whole, completely engulfs you, time will go by faster, before you know it, it'll be dark outside, and days have passed. But when you finally realize that so much time has passed as you listen to this album non-stop, you won't even care, you'll feel refreshed and you'll see the world in gold tinted glasses. Overall the distinct retro 70s vibe will make you feel a bout of nostalgic chill vibes that will wash over you. From tracks like, 'Gold Galaxies' to 'The Girl God Intended' this LP is definitely an older sound that will make an impact on your life.


Listen to the full LP here!

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