XYLØ | Alive

XYLØ, a duo you need to keep an eye on because of the constant hard work they've been putting into the creation of their music. The quality, the passion, and the emotional pull that ropes listeners in from all walks of life. These two artists create a dynamic that seems to boil down the emotional turmoil we all face in life, into a sip of medicine. What seems impossible is made possible by XYLØ, people better watch out.

The chemistry is there, the heavy intro, the neon lights, everything comes together to set you for the unexpected. Totally a Lana Del Rey meets modern LA vibes being expressed in their music and video below for their track, 'Alive'.

This slow pop music video is a mix of emotions and puts us out of our comfort zone when it comes to our typical leanings in the music world. If you love festival electronica meets a more emotional approach of sound and lyrics, you'll love the newest release. But for us, we're eager to see how the band develops their sound in a way that reflects themselves more than what's trending. The variety of the styles found in this music video really do seem very separated, but surprisingly do mesh really well together, their quality of work shows, and they have so much potential they are already showing with their latest music.