If you haven't already heard, Slick Woods will be the next highlighted model in Jeremy Scott's FW18 campaign. If you've been following us long enough, you probably know by now that not only are we a huge fan of diversity in the modeling industry, but we're also a fan of Jeremy Scott and his out of this world creations.

The collection was announced on the 10th and we've been loving every minute of color and glam. Jeremy Scott has made it known he wants to change the fashion industry, he wants to introduce a change that will really make a difference in the direction of high fashion. While his creations are usually advant guarde and interesting to discuss, we're here for Slick Woods, because it's about damn time she gets the attention she deserves. She's been known for messing with the future so it's no wonder that Jeremy Scott took to liking her not only for her unique look but her mindset when it comes to the youth of today and what that means for those who are rebelling against the norm.

Slick Woods, whose real name is Simone Thompson became a model in LA, then signed to a NY agency known as The Lions. We've been following the news around her work, she's walked for Fendi and PUMA, but when it comes to this almost collaboration between Jeremy Scott and herself, we're on the edge of our seats.

This unique soul is going to change the future and we're ready.