Manchado has released the third part to his music video series for the track, "Wild Child", the series has included his hit tracks, "Break" and "Out Of Control" and we have to admit that we've been listening to his work for a year and loving every minute of it. His work has made waves in the music community with his reinvention of sound, we just know he'll continue making a difference on a legendary scale.

Be sure to check out our first interview with him from when he released Part One "Break": Interview #422

"Well, without the internet I don’t think I would even be the same person I am. The fact that I am able to understand American culture without living here until a year ago is pretty remarkable. I honestly got it from watching Youtube bloggers, interviews of artists and being on forums since I was like 10. I’ve learned many things through the internet, such as music, producing, graphic designing, fashion and just about the world in general. It’s a tool that played a key factor in who I am; I am a child of the internet."