It's Not "Scum F*ck Flower Boy"

Tyler, The Creator released his newest track, "Ain't Got Time", off of his album titled, "Flower Boy" which will be released tomorrow, Friday the 21st!

Many rumors have been circulating around the release of this project not only because of its independently released nature, but also because while Tyler has mentioned the release and promo multiple times on Twitter, he's been calling the project "Scum F*ck Flower Boy", but apparently that's not the official title of the work. According to representatives of Tyler, who have spoken to Pitchfork have confirmed that although the promo has been created with that "unofficial title", the album will be released as the shorter version, "Flower Boy"!

When Tyler described how this song came about to Beats 1 Radio, he went into detail about his work with Kanye's album, a beat came up and Tyler was sure that he was going to take it for the album, but Kanye didn't even like it. A huge inspiration behind this track is from that moment in his life, that exchange of creatives coming up with something and it turning into something drastically different.

"I remember being at Ye's during The Life of Pablo," Tyler told Lowe, "and I think he went to take a nap. I was in the studio and there was this MPC there. Noah started recording me. I just started smacking, started clapping, making weird noises, added a boom boom boom, and I was gonna add a hook. It was just that. I was like, "Damn, Kanye should take this song. He would sound so much cooler saying that hook." He didn't like it."

With this new release, it has us completely ready for the full album tomorrow, you can believe we'll be listening to this all day in preparation. Will you be listening?