With memorable features, Mia Goth looks as if she's staring into your soul. Her strength and confidence are unwavered and she continues on her journey of success without hindrance. Let's explore why we love what she does and why we need more Goths today.

It all started with her Miu Miu campaign which she scored because of her break in the film by Lars Von Trier, Nymphomaniac. She's been shocking people ever since and she's made it hard to forget her face. Jumping straight to the top of the fashion world might usually be seen as unfavorable especially for seasoned veterans, but because of her demeanor, she's made a point to use this burst of fame as a positive influence on the world around her. Which we are totally here for. Her career with headlining Prada campaigns and fragrance lines is under her belt and she's using that notoriety as a way to politically speak out about the shit that's been happening in the world.

Now let's dissect the marriage in Vegas.

In recent headlines Mia Goth has been deemed a political activist and the demise of society because of her marriage for Shia LaBeouf last fall. Getting married in a chapel in Las Vegas was touted as a joke to most, but it is confirmed that it's anything but. What they believe in and what they promise to change in the world has made them a match that's overall inspiring and unique.

They have meshed their lives together in a way that will make a difference.

Mia Goth seems to shy away from the spotlight unless she has something important to say, this kind of thoughtful yet strong personality seems to be lacking on the red carpet. Hopefully other stars that just like to stir the gossip and drama can take note. Overall she's inspired us here at GBP for her classy way or showing the world she doesn't give a fuck about what people think.