As a new artist on our radar, STACEY has amped us up this summer with the latest video for her track, 'First Move'. Giving us some serious old Hollywood vibes, we're falling in love with her music and we're ready for more.

She creates the kind of sound that makes you want to curl up in bed while wearing your most expensive lingerie, just for yourself. Having a glass of wine and reading a novella. This plays in the background and completes the scene with her haunting vocals and ethereal soundscapes. Dreaming about the one we love, it all comes together so seamlessly.

"STACEY’s adept refraction of classic lyrical themes through her unique, brooding, and vulnerable voice is matched by her natural gift for minor-key melodies and a lavish vocal phrasing that balances irony and the saccharine, invoking a tear soaked, rose scented atmosphere that intoxicates yet never overwhelms, both on her recordings, and at her floral themed live shows."