10 Artists You Need To Listen To Before You Go Back To School

The Fratellis

Our Favorite Song | Creepin Up The Backstairs

If you tend to enjoy listening to music that gets you pumped up, we recommend you listen to The Fratellis, because god knows you’ll need all the energy you can get for this school year. Their sound is somewhat similar to The Kooks and The Hives, so if you jam with them you’ll most likely have a new favorite.

Charlotte Day Wilson

Our Favorite Song | Work

Without a doubt if you love Amber Mark and the vibes from Sampa The Great, you’ll fall in love with Charlotte Day Wilson’s voice. This is the kind of music you listen to when you’re laying in bed with lukewarm coffee getting colder by the minute on your nightstand. The perfect soundtrack for these colder months coming up ahead.

Father John Misty

Our Favorite Song | I Love You, Honeybear

It’s hard to really pinpoint who Father John Misty sounds similar to because his work is so layered and unique to his own style. Everything from the big sound he creates with layers and layers of complexity that make you feel like you’re listening to a band in front of you, to his voice that sings about love, and macabre lyrics he tends to slip in. You just have to listen.

Cigarettes After Sex

Our Favorite Song | Affection

The kind of music you listen to when you just want to close your eyes while rocking back and forth on your front porch as the sky turns to a deep orange and pink, and before you know it it’s dark and the porch light comes on. If you love Acid Ghost and Slowdive you’ll fall in love with Cigarettes After Sex.

Princess Nokia

Our Favorite Song | Tomboy

Finally another creator that really reminds us of Junglepussy, Zebra Katz, and Mykki Blanco, it’s about time. Princess Nokia is making a huge difference in the rap community, not only because she’s fucking good at what she does, but because she’s a woman who’s speaking up for representation. She came out of nowhere and she’s here to stay.

Yellow Days

Our Favorite Song | Your Hand Holding Mine

A seriously chill music artist who is bringing some soul into the creation of modern electronic music. We picked ‘Your Hand Holding Mine’ because we feel as though this song really stands out and captures the vibe he goes for in his work, it’s soulful but still relaxing and different. This is the kind of music you’d listen to while sitting with your loved one, looking at them from the corner of your eye and asking yourself, “How did I get so lucky.”

Conan Gray

Our Favorite Song | Idle Town

We’re a big fan of Conan Gray, he’s starting his journey of creating his own music and if you haven’t heard of him, you need to check out his youTube, because not only are his tracks chill and relaxing, he also creates vlogs and videos that will motivate you and push you to succeed in your goals. If you love John Vincent III, then you’ll be listening to ‘Idle Town’ all day.

Declan McKenna

Our Favorite Song | The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home

Declan McKenna really brings us back, his music reminds us of something that would be in Skins UK, which is probably why we love it so much. There’s something very nostalgic about his sound, yet it’s still so unique and will really make you want to get up and dance. Even though with over 20 million plays on his track ‘Brazil’, we had to choose our favorite, ‘The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home’, just because of how warm it feels.


Our Favorite Song | Tabanja

Even though the music is Swedish, it really doesn’t matter because if you just listen to her music once, you won't even realize you can’t understand the lyrics. Cherrie is a new artist who’s been making it big in the music scene, you just have to listen to her bass heavy work!

Garden City Movement

Our Favorite Song | She’s So Untouchable

Don’t even get us started because Garden City Movement is just a must. If you take anything from this list, take this recommendation because we promise your life will be different after you listen to these amazing sounds.