New Alice Glass Music Video & Tour With MM?

It's almost like we're waking up on Christmas morning!

Alice Glass, you might know her from her former singing career in the witch house duo Crystal Castles, has released her latest single and music video as a solo artist, "Without Love", and trust us, we're staining our face with tears because we've been waiting for this moment for eternity it seems. It's been a long few years, since 2014, since we've seen a major piece of work from this artist, and you can bet we're very excited. While we loved the the release of "Stillbirth" back in 2015, it doesn't compare to the artistic beauty of this project, and we're completely cheering Glass on as she grabs her career and flourishes more than ever before.

But that isn't the only news we've heard today, she's going to be touring NA! Her partner in crime that will be touring with her is none other than Marilyn Manson. How perfect is that?

Watch, "Without Love", below and feel like an angst filled teen again, but this time with some added class.