A amazing photographer from Taiwan, meet JOHN YUYI

Could you introduce yourself?

I’m John Yuyi. I’m from Taiwan and I’m now doing projects city by city around the world.and I graduated from fashion design.

What’s your life philosophy? How do you try to apply that to your work?

my life philosophy is 1. i need to sleep whenever I need to sleep. 2. if I didn’t get the chance now doesn’t means I will never get the chance in the future.

Could you tell us what you think makes you stand apart in the art industry?

well I don’t think I stand apart in the art industry. I really don’t. maybe it’s fresh and interesting eye-catching for ppl!?

How would you describe your photography style? Do you feel like it reflects you?

umm. I do the shooting by my own its just because I do the projects all over the world its more convenient for me to shoot by myself and it can skip the communication with different photographer that I don’t know well. yes it reflect me. hahah

Who are the individuals in your work? Friends, family, strangers?

girl I found on internet or street, friends or internet friends

What are a few tips for other photographers that might be reading this, that you could give when it comes to photographing others, and directing the shoot?

well…. I don’t think I am qualified to give any tips cause I never considered that I am a photographer. my skill is not good enough.

Could you tell us about your social media projection series, could you tell us what it is about technology that inspires you and your work?

it’s not a projection. it’s a temporary tattoos. it’s just the thing I used to draw the illustration and sell them in two years ago. so I know how to do it. and after that i start to do some project with social media and related to model themselves.

On that same note, how has technology changed your life, do you think you’d be where you are now in terms of your art if it wasn’t for the growth of internet and social media?

i think no one will know me hahaha, and I wont come up with these ideas.

Do you have any rituals you do before you start your creative process for a new project, to get your mind and energy in the right place?

basically nope, I just do it whenever I came up with the idea.

Could you give us a little insight when it comes to upcoming projects you have planned? Give us a hint!

well~ hint ok~ china

What’s a typical day for you?

sleep to afternoon. check mail. reply mail. edit photo. organised the work. such like styling job modelling job. plan my next trip. and potential idea.

What are some of your goals for 2016?

2016? umm one last city and then take a small break. I need rest.

What makes you happy?


Any closing comments?

Thank you <3

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