Yes, Prince Did Get His Own Pantone Color

Prince, not only continues to be the king of the color purple, but everything he created gave off the soft deep hue. From his music to his stage presence, his concept of the color was unique to him and it was something that no one else had ever done. It's also very reassuring that this collaboration was actually legitimate, this collab was properly licensed with the Prince estates, unlike many companies who went about "collaborations" just to create a profit. Major respect to Pantone for going about this the right way and giving us a color that can be incorporated into the lives of the people who loved the creations he made, as a reminder of all the good he has done.

The Pantone Color Institute has announced it has developed an official hue of purple in honor of the late Prince. Collaborating with the Purple One’s estate, the institute has unveiled “Love Symbol #2,” named in honor of the trademark emblem that served as his stage name in the late 1990s. The purple shade was “inspired by his custom-made Yamaha purple piano,” according to a press release, and “will be the official color across the brand [Prince] left behind.” - Pitchfork