LEIKELI47 Teases Us Before Her Debut Album With, "2nd fiddle"

While we wait for her debut album, "Wash & Set", LEIKELI47 has been giving us inside looks at some of the singles that are supposedly going to be on the project. You can bet we'll be listening to this track all day.

From an interview over on High Snobriety + Leikeli47

As far as the mask, can you tell us a little bit about the evolution of that?

Like I said, I was always a shy kid so I always felt like I wore a mask anyway. Music was always my field and I never wanted to do anything else; I really dedicated myself to just music. Coming into the industry and having to learn certain things, you’ve got to play the game, and you’ve got to get your feet wet. I felt like I was wearing a mask then, too. And I’m definitely not a vet yet, but I’m just saying, even when I first stepped in and had to pay my dues I had to do different things. Some of the stuff I didn’t want to do, but it taught me–it was all a learning process. Eventually I decided to take that mask off–meaning what everyone else wants you to do, and what they think you should be doing, and how you should be doing it–I took off that mask and I put my own on. I put my face on. Honestly, I don’t even see a mask. What mask? What mask are we talking about?

Listen to "2nd fiddle" below