Feel Present With Amandla Stenberg's Meditation Guide

Amandla Stenberg's latest project was in collaboration with Teen Vogue who invited her to create something fresh and from any direction she wanted. She chose to focus on mental illness because how important that side of life is for so many people, sometimes by having a moment of peace from a meditation video can be the difference between a ruined day and another chance at a fresh start. We appreciate the work that went into this illustrated and composed short film, all by Amandla Stenberg herself.

" Hi y'all, Teen Vogue gave me free range to direct a video piece to go with my cover, so I decided to make a meditational guide. (link to full in bio.) I shot, illustrated, scored and edited it myself! I hope that it can help to sooth and calm you. As the world continues to experience political dissonance, violence, and an accelerated perception of reality due to technology, I think it's so important that we actively tend to our mental health. Because of the immense anxieties my generation is exposed to, mental illnesses have become shockingly pervasive amongst us. I believe that because of these anxieties and the way our reality is constantly manipulated and altered by social media (a social experiment with psychological effects we have no gauge on) we are experiencing exacerbated levels of severe anxiety, depression and dissociation. In order to be better equipped to heal, organize, and carry the responsibility of solving this social upheaval, it is crucial we focus our energy on our mental health and the ability to exist in the present moment. It’s hard to witness everything happening without some sort of grounding practice. I hope this video can be a calming resource. ❤️ "

Watch the guide below and relax this Saturday: