Jamila Woods Shows Us The Importance Of Being Alone

Jamila Woods, the musician who has put her heart and soul into every single track she's created. We recently stumbled upon her song, "Holy", a work of art that focuses on the idea of being alone.

Being alone doesn't always have to be scary according to Woods, it can be something that will help you grow as a person, a force that will excel what you're good at in life. Jamila Woods shows us that she can be content with herself and that it doesn't have to be sad or arrogant, it can be a moment that instead shows you the clarity you were missing.

"Holy" encompasses what it means to have self love, from the beautiful visuals or the individuals expressing themselves, to the lyrics that come off simple but with a huge punch. Everything comes together to create a short film that will get you thinking, it will make you question whether or not you're better off alone and starting fresh. Getting away from the toxicity around you and embracing your own self as your main sense of support.

Watch the music video for "Holy" below!