3 Iconic Upcoming Musicians You Need To Know

We're so excited to share with you some of our favorite upcoming music artists. These individuals have worked hard to get where they are now, they've put in the hours and they are now getting the attention they deserve. These 5 individuals are pushing the norm when it comes to the music industry, from their drastically different styles, to how they express themselves through their unique sound, they aren't afraid to go out there and create something that's never been done before.


Starting off as a model, she focused on honing her unique style that made her confident enough to start unleashing her voice to the masses. She's currently signed to Kanye's GOOD Music label, and she also worked as a dancer on The Yeezus Tour. Now that she's taken time to explore what styles she enjoys and what she wants to craft herself, her latest music has made a larger impact than she probably expected. In her video for "Like A Woman" she shows how her style embraces sexuality and the chic appearance in herself, the way these two aspects come together almost seems like a clash, but it works.


Alma is a neon goddess, with her electronic heavy beats and mysterious voice, mixed with her out-of-this-world style, she's unstoppable. At only 21 years old this Finnish music mogul jump started her career when she was just a kid, saying that she has always known that she felt things when she sang, she knew that it was her calling.


Kelsey Lu doesn't sound like anyone else and she doesn't like to be called Lu.

Her classic training in the art of music makes her creations sound like heaven. She creates a very unnerving element in her work, similar to FKA Twigs if you had to choose an artist that was similar, with visuals that remind us of Sevdaliza. Her sounds will transport you to a world that feels like it's under water, you'll feel closed in with only enough space to reflect on yourself. Her and her cello are from another world.