3 Ways To Dress Like Jeremy Scott Without Breaking The Bank

With the recent party Jeremy Scott threw to celebrate his collaboration with Uggs coming out September 13th, and we're head over heels for his bold and flashy work. If you've been following us for a while you've probably noticed that we pretty much love all of his work and what he does with each project he takes on. He makes it his goal to completely create his dreams in reality. From bold patterns, to never following trends, he doesn't back down from self expression. Which is why we thought it would be a great time to share with you a few tips for when you want to rock the style without spending everything you got.


Don't be afraid to go out into the world with pink hues from head to toe. Wear what you want to and embrace how it makes you stand out from the crowd. Jeremy Scott has never strayed away from adding color into everything he does, so you shouldn't either.


Pattern is key if you want to embrace the Jeremy Scott Style, he's always mixing and patching patterns or in this case, using the same pattern throughout every piece of the outfit, either way, he just goes for it and because of that confidence it just works in the end. If you're too nervous about wearing a bold look like this, it won't come off as a statement and the outfit will eat you alive. Start small and work your way to the point that you want to get to.


Pop culture has been an on going theme throughout all of Jeremy Scott's work. From incorporating The Simpsons in to a matching tracksuit to making a wedding dress out of a nutrition label inspired by McDonalds, there's no holding back. If he can pull off this jumbled world of color, why shouldn't you try something new and see what works for you?