14 Queer Icons Who Are Changing The World

What makes a queer icon today? Do we even have icons anymore? Everything today is so extremely fast paced, it can often be hard to even keep up with new and upcoming individuals, let alone if someone has the status of an icon. But it's time that the record is set straight. To be queer is to be the odd one out, the one that doesn't follow the rules, not always a rebel, but a person who sets their own rules based on what they feel and know rather than making their life revolve around the norms that are laid out in front of them from birth. To be queer means that you're a confident individual even if you don't believe it, your untold confidence is there just because of how you choose to be your true self.

LGBTQIA individuals have faced so much hardship from the people around them, from strangers to loved ones, there are obstacles at every turn. It means that they wear their thoughts, hearts, and ideas on their sleeves and go out into the world to make change, even if they come back damaged and hurt. They constantly push back the standard normative that is spewed into our minds from the moment we can think, they fight for racial and gender equality.

Without further ado, we've decided to showcase some of our most loved queer icons that you should know about. They are changing the world as we know it and their creativity itself will spark a change so massive you'll feel empowered to stand beside them and fight back.


A sister duo who creates music with an eerie vibe, you won't hear anything else like it. Their sound stands on its own and their beliefs about sexuality are fluid and inspiring. They constantly show different sides of their fluid genders in their music videos, by creating facial hair and other statements that comment on their ideas when it comes to gender and sexuality. They've now become a band when they tour live, usually bringing on a keyboard player or beat boxer.


If you haven't heard this name, you've been living under a rock. Mykki Blanco has constantly been not only a musician but an activist that has created quite the change in the rap and hiphop community while being openly gay and expressing his views towards the change he wants to see in the community that surrounds his music.


An electronic music group from Canada whose lead, Katie Selmanis, has said she always wanted to be in a gay band, which she has told After Ellen in an interview that it means she wants to be gay while in a band. That was her inspiration and now that she has achieved her dream of being able to create music with people who support her and love her, she wants to show the world that there are no stereotypes.


Identifying as pansexual and agender, Angel Haze has constantly pushed their life and experiences out into the world, saying herself that she's "Glad there's an actual woman of color representing queerness and pansexuality, someone who is like me in the spotlight."


A Swedish electronic duo that was formed in 1999. They stay anonymous and aren't on good terms with media, but that doesn't stop them from making a statement for what they believe in.


Starting in Stephanie Knipe's bedroom, Adult Mom was born, and she's been representing her belief in her queerness by identifying as genderqueer ever since.


An underground rapper who isn't afraid of being themselves and being openly gay.


A proud LGBTQ-friendly band that creates punk music unlike any other. They have never backed down from what they believe in!


A pop music artist who is known for creating music that will make you feel like you're experiencing an out of body reality. She creates music for those who want to be lost in her whimsical world and she never stops creating vibrant and earth shattering hits that will get you dancing or motivating you to be the change you want to see.


Best known for his movement in the LGBT African American Ball Culture influence with other artists such as Mykki Blanco, Cakes Da Killa, and Le1f.


They're a huge influence for marriage equality and they have constantly advocated for change, music education, literacy, and cancer research.


A photographer, video artist, zine creator, and co-owner of the independent lesbian music label, "Mr. Lady". She's been a visionary that has even dedicated her life to educating young youth about what the queer community is about, by being a provost and California College of the Arts.


An indie pop band from Brooklyn. They create sad songs that will create tears in an instant, but with every lyric, their beliefs are obvious. They will do anything to help the LGBT+ community thrive.


The visual artist behind the idea of "Radical softness as a weapon", she believes that there is strength in being soft, and that there needs to be more of that in the world today if we really want to see the change that will positively influence those around us.