A Chat With The Disck Pictures Team | GOLDEN BOY PRESS INTERVIEW #379

Interview is of Dylan Mars Greenberg, Amanda Flowers and Jurgen Azazel Munster, aka Wayne. Enjoy!

Could you introduce yourself?

Dylan: Yes! My name is Dylan Mars Greenberg and I was born the exact day Kai-Uwe Von Hassel, the former German President of Bundestag died. He died during an awards ceremony - not in a hospital bed.

Amanda: I am the golden teeth inside a tiny egg that you find in your special neighbors back yard, you know like the kind of man who has old lamps and little boxes full of pretty things, and you go into his back yard and there's a little enclosed beach that opens up to the sea, and it's very blue, and then you find this tiny iridescent egg in the moss, and it opens up with hinges and there are tiny golden teeth inside.

And sometimes it is of course moderately lonely and sometimes dreams are better than reality and I don't know if we are all just here as some kind of alien angels, and I see monsters out of the corner of my eye, but if I was an alien I'd have pointy glass fingernails.

Wayne: As far as an Introduction the only thing I am certain of is my name, it’s Wayne. I perform as my alter ego “Jurgen Azazel Munster” but once formerly introduced either or is cool with me. As far a any introduction beyond my title, I can honestly say I feel as if I am still working on introducing me to myself. I guess that’s the fun of the concept of an introduction, something, for the first time, fresh, present, and unknown, I feel as if we take time for granted and the hourglass is ticking that with each day passing, instead of figuring out who the hell I am or what’s going on, its quite the opposite. I literally have no idea, and with each rising sun brings the introduction of a completely different person from the day last past.

Lewis Carroll once said something along the lines of: “I can’t tell you who I am, because each day that passes I am someone new” and once I heard that, it was nice to know I could relate to someone who influences me.

What’s your life philosophy? How do you try to apply that to your work?

Dylan: My life philosophy reads as follows: "Mama's new Baby is Angry and Sad. You are Not My Friend. You Are Not My Dad. Wrap Me In Chains, Throw Me Nude in the River. For as I Grow Older, I'll Learn Not to Shiver." As I have grown older, this idea has blossomed from a rhyme into the way I live my life. I model my life after Shaye Saint John and surround myself with dolls and garbage. My work often revolves around both dolls and garbage - much of the sets of our new film, 2017's ReAgitator: Revenge of the Parody were constructed from garbage, thanks to our set designer James Or Whatever. "Wrap Me In Chains" - Bondage being freedom. "Throw Me Nude in the River" - Escape as Pain. "For As I Grow Older"- Pain Becoming Experience. "I'll Learn Not To Shiver." - Experience Becoming Wisdom. I'm not there yet - maybe I'll never be. That's the fun in it - the challenge.

Amanda: I like to eat foods that seem like they come from dreams. And have tea parties ~ Making a movie should be like some kind of magical tea party where all your favorite friends and people that don't exist show up and eat candied flowers and make out and drink honey wine and dress up like strange animals with little gem-ed buttons. I believe in love a lot, and creating worlds that people can be in.

Wayne: Well, philosophy has become my main focus recently and I feel it's detrimental for me to have a meaning in an existence which i find may be completely meaningless in general. It's hard for me to declare myself anything because i feel that labels in general are either misinterpreted or to specific for me. I am a nihilist for the most part but a bit like an agnostic who is open to all forms of beliefs and opinions but not entirely convinced by anything, unless i have 100% proof. Faith isn't my bag and form what I've learned it's best to hope for everything to work out but brace myself for the more likely of the two in which things won't. I also would like to add that I answered these questions two times over in different states of mind, and I also think that a more blunt philosophy of life is "drugs". Taking them in the right environment to build thoughts. I'm not a club

kid, but more like Freud.

I just spent 8 days in a psych ward with bonkers and bonkers of bonkerness, and it has shown me that also without drugs is another perspective. Holy shit, as each week passes my philosophies increase, and all compile so I guess in the end that states that my philosophy is to gather as many philosophies as possible to intertwine them and construct a more complex meaning out of a so called meaningless


So its somewhat of a miracle, the human race, that face we are scientifically non relevant in my eyes yet we find ways to become relevant and create relevance with all odds against us. It's a miracle, and beautiful.

It's hard for me to believe there is some place beyond here or anything super natural, but I do hope I'm wrong. Dying and not existing scares me and I'm terrified, I feel as if we are so minuscule based on the universe in whole, and to keep us from shitting ourselves we as people try to convince ourselves that we have some type of special meaning to be here. However i feel as if it's all just coincidence, and I'm impressed what we as humans have done to masquerade some type of relevance. The things we do give us meaning in the end, and that is what kills me. We have found reason and purpose and meaning to a live that has none to begin with. It's better to exist and suffer than to to not exist at all, in my opinion.

Could you tell us what you think makes you stand apart on the internet?

Dylan: We are a team of maximalists. Maximalism (the opposite of minimalism) is sometimes hard to come by. Most things on the internet are either moderate or minimal. Maximalism isn't non existent, but it is rare. We aim to make something that can be watched on a phone, projected onto a wall, projected onto a toilet, dreamed about, screamed about, and hold just as exciting of an experience. If you pay the price of admission - or don't, and choose to pirate our work - you will be bombarded with color, musical numbers, dance scenes, chase scenes, monsters, romance, thrill, daring, exotic countries, beauty, ugliness, and - perhaps the most important of them all - FUN! So, hopefully, it will be well worth it.

Amanda: When I was a child once upon a time it was before The Internet and people used to talk well into the night and tell stories and after you had sex a few times you became telepathic and could communicate over long distances, even over the sea.

Wayne: Yeah, I'm old enough to hate it! Except the music, and the smut. Well i guess a few things - I do try my best to not hype myself or photos I post up. What you see is what you get with me, I's rather be underestimated than overrated. The fact I am brutally honest as well, and I'm more focused on promoting things other than myself.

What is one thing that inspires you when it comes to the location you're currently in?

Amanda: Little chickens lay eggs in a tiny house by my window. I've met beautiful creatures, and there is an old man who you can visit and pay in flowers and he will tell you stories of your future and if the boy you love will always want to kiss you the way he does.

Dylan: When I was eight years old, I saw a Hornet eating a bee at a place called Harmony playground in Brooklyn, New York. This perhaps was the defining moment in what I knew to be true.

Wayne: Geographically I am from a place called Pleasureland, which will inspire ten lifetimes, but that''s another story. Well again there are tons of things, the fact is that this is my native land and the vast diversity of land and things to do here - But I guess if I had to pick one it would be Dylan Mars Greenberg - I feel as if I have established myself enough to contribute some recognition but have also failed enough to do - As they say “those who can't teach”, meaning I made mistakes but made note and was always counted on as a leader, a true leader knows when to fall in line and be lead by a once in a lifetime opportunity like the gift from science that is Dylan. God is pretty much Santa Claus to me, but science and the universe has created a gift that thinks and sees things that should inspire and lead us, not ignorant and lost minded corruption that is our so called leaders, I'd rather be Greenberg’d than Trump’d and I feel it's important for us to be guided by the right minds - people who create the unthinkable like Dylan give us vision and inspire us to think outside the box and to go beyond the obvious, to reach out beyond what our so called purpose is as humans.. while these monsters of the earth fight over rubble and destroy an already doomed planet, whether sooner or later, Dylan is that of the scientist who is reaching for an inter planetary existence to survive.. meaning Dylan is to creativity and imagination and what our lives should be about, as conceived by a logical thinker and not a false prophet. We need to loosen ourselves at times and enjoy the joy of imagination and entertainment, existence is not about working yourself to death as a slave, but rather working yourself to death to teach the future how to survive and how to smile while doing it - Lose yourself. That is my location, lost in my imagination when I watch movies like Dark Prism and wonder to myself, how did this human mind think up this fucking amazing shit! Whoa - that's where I am located, in the world of Disck Pictures, forever lost in imagination and avoiding the doom of mankind's self destruction by taking a minute to lose myself and always be in that world no matter where I am geographically. I'm located on Mars, Dylan Mars that is.

Do you have any words of advice from the experience you’ve dealt with when it comes to putting yourself and your story out there in the world?

Dylan: Be annoying! Don't hate yourself! From all of the anger and sorrow will emerge people who love you and will carry you closer to the land of your dreams - I will die happy knowing even a single person believed in me. Hopefully, both myself, my friends, and you, both the reader, and the journalist, can live to see your dreams become your most unexpected and desired reality. Let's hold each other's hands and watch it happen. You are loved.

Amanda: Be careful of blood bonding with stones; because once it happens you can never lose the stone without some kind of complex ritual where you need to collect herbs and spices and things from all over the world. Most of these items have to be bargained for with a piece of you, often a piece of your heart.

If this has ever happened to you, which it will to all of us, or most of us eventually, I do know a prophet who lives near the far seas beyond Iran and beyond even further than that, on a small island that not many people have heard of called "Lore." You get there via bridge - this very tiny footpath that you have to walk one foot in front of the other over the deep sea and keep your balance the whole time while barely having anything to eat or drink, and you can hardly rest as well. You will probably cry. When you get to The Island of Lore, you will want to enter the beautiful pale castle of the prophet, and follow the golden tapestries to a big heavy red door that opens after much force. He sits inside a marble room and there is when your fate will change - you can ask him questions and he will fix what has happened, and give you wine in glasses inlaid with mother of pearl. You will only remember half of what he tells you. His elegant and strange butler will escort you out, and he will be wearing peacock feathers and carrying a tiny sphinx cat and he will smile at you like no one has in a long time.

Wayne: Everything means nothing, so make everything mean something, do what you love and fuck everything else. Don't take time for granted and don't expect anything else beyond here, if you truly want to get the most out of your life. Also, if you have any fears or phobias, just realize the concept of non existence - it's so terrifying that I admit if you believe it like i do, it's more terrifying than anything, so no matter what you will live a life with some fear, but if you believe that, truly that is the only thing that will frighten you because nothing else comes close, all of your phobias will be gone if you just remind yourself the point of not existing, its so scary, and I'm so hurt.

Go bonkers, don’t be defeated when challenged. If defeated, don’t let it affect you, let it fuel you. Do not give in to those of aggression.

The world can be full of angst and jealousy, be flattered no defeated, for you are doing something right if u draw that attention.

Be selfless, be a comedian, plan accordingly and act as if this is all you got each day and you will squeeze the fuck out of life like you're pulling muscles from a shell.

When it comes to your newest film, "ReAgitator", what was the message behind the work? How do you feel the process of this project will inspire your future endeavors?

Dylan: I like to see what others take away from ReAgitator - ascribing a message to my own piece wouldn't be fair.

Amanda: It is important not to lose track of the world inside of your head, the one that ever since you were a kid you could always see just a glimpse of, and you follow the little signs that sometimes make very little sense and often feel moments of deja vu, where it seems like dimensions are knitting together and shifting all in that moment and it knocks your breath out for a second.

Dylan: It will help me because now I know I can do something like this again - and I know what not to do - which is immensely helpful.

Wayne: For me its actually the closet to my perspective of actual life. I couldn't believe the more I acted in it, the more it was my biography. Dr. Orbert Wescraft's perspective in this film matches my struggle with death and mortality and non existence, and how science is the only answer. I am that character for real.

How would you describe this work to someone who’s never seen it before?

Amanda: Oh, remember when you were young and you thought about what it's like to be a space girl in a movie and have your first kiss with that gorgeous strange interstellar traveling space man that comes to your home planet to fix robots and his plane crashes and you have to show the cute bastard how to pull radishes from the ground in your garden?

And you watch him have tea with your space mom and she tells you to wash the strawberries and you think about what it will be like when he kisses you later under the stars that show up hot pink because of the unique atmosphere of your planet.

Dylan: I would perhaps say it's the most garbage dumpster movie I've ever seen. That way, if they watch it and like it, they'll get a pleasant surprise. I'd also probably mention it features Alan Merrill, Schoolly D, Aurelio Voltaire, and stars Amanda Flowers, Jurgen Azazel Munster, Sofe Cote, Mickala McFarlane, Yolpie Kaiser, Max Husten - and the DISCK PICTURES SUPERSTARS! Well, that's a good thing - maybe I'd let them know that once they were on the sofa.

Wayne: Chaos, Insanity, and reality.

Do you have any rituals you do before you start your creative process for a new project, to get your mind and energy in the right place?

Amanda: This is exactly the sort of secret I will have to reveal much later, after we have become very close friends and go on trips together and you tell me your secrets too.

Dylan: I remember that in an alternate reality, I've already finished this one and have started on another one - so, I better keep up!

Wayne: Yes, I don't over think what I do, and put myself in a good mood with music and weed. Chaos.

What’s a typical day for you?

Dylan: This is my ideal day: I wake up Put on some nice clothes, perhaps even ones I made myself, but always ones I wore myself I go out of my window to greet my giant 50 foot borzoi, who is waiting for me. I climb upon his beautiful body. He walks from Brooklyn to Long Island City in ten minutes. I climb in through the second story window of my job I work on many projects at my job - my favorite being John Brennan's Kabukiman's Cocktail Corner webseries, which I edit in the style of The Eric Andre Show - and the Dolphinman Specials, such as DolphinMan Vs. The Sex Lobsters. Go back on my borzoi Go to the Lower East Side Get dumplings Shoot a scene for my movie at night (if I'm not directing a music video that day, which I also love to do) Go to sleep at 4 am, exhausted but ready for a new day - well, if it were my ideal day, all days would be 36 hours. "Goodnight Bubba" This is my non-ideal day: I wake up and I am covered in ants I go outside and fall into a hole It is raining knives I board the subway but discover they have renovated it to be smaller and for the ceilings to be lower A man screams: "JAUSDTERO!" There are no pretty sights. I cry but only maggots come out. I turn into a cube, but part of the cube is rounded so it's not even a good cube.

Amanda: First tea, then laugh hysterically on the floor and then become hit with a wave of sudden sadness where I cry blood and lay in flower bushes, only to be completely elated ten minutes later when a teacup Persian that has been dyed-sky blue walks by and sits on my lap. It's the little things.

Wayne: My life is so random, but my main goal is to hopefully discover supernatural existence. To not be typical, to sedate myself or to get in trouble - to go against the grain and to act as if its my last day on Earth every day.

What are some of your goals for 2017?

Dylan: I want to become something with four legs that lives in a hole that is not a cube. Also I should probably be kinder to people.

Amanda: I would like to have a little pin that is a red gem shaped like a strawberry, where all the seeds are actually tiny eyes, and Dylan will be there, and Wayne, and the boy I love, and we will have these very nice moments where we realize the secrets of everything and ride on a giant dogs back to the place where you can get pancakes early in the morning and you never get tired. But I also want more things than that, I told them to Dylan this morning.

Dylan: You know what, what Amanda said.

Wayne: To not die. To prove myself wrong about non existence, to make our upcoming film Spirit Riser and make it well, to hopefully make money on what we are doing, so i can make enough to hopefully not have to do the jobs I hate on the side and just focus on my passion, but i have no interest in being a star, I want to entertain people who have to grind it out every week. I would love a following of people who get me and us and what we do, but I do not want to be a bigshot superstar, that's wack.

Dylan: Most of what Wayne said as well. Fuck, I guess I'm not so good at answering this one!

What makes you happy?

Dylan: The E7 Chord, When other people are happy, Finishing something, Running my hands across something furry, cobblestones, Union Square Park in the spring.

Amanda: I like when a slow loris holds a tiny umbrella, and when boys wear velvet and dust their eyelids with gold.

Wayne: My dog Jake, and he died, so far I'm not sure what does and doesn't, when you lead a life of thinking that we die and we are gone. It's hard to be happy, but doing movies and stuff like that helps.

Any closing comments?

Amanda: Please be my friend, please let's all make beautiful things, I will show you secret things in return ~ we can visit each other for breakfast. I'll let you say swears and drink whisky, you can put on garish fabrics and strange perfumes and I'll tell you you're beautiful, and we can make bundles of wildflowers we tie notes onto and throw them into the ocean, and we can find old candy stores that still sell candy cigarettes ~

The world can be anything we want it to be after all, it doesn't have to be this damn ugly all the time.

Wayne: I'd rather suffer than not exist, I like everything from country to hip hop but for some reason if there is a heaven i always pictured it would sound like Fleetwod Mac sounds. Oh, and if you don't dig the Mac, not being a dick but yo, don't talk to me! The Mac centers me.

Yeah, life fucking sucks, do what you love, most of the time I get grilled busting my ass in a fucking Deli, eating shit at 10 dollars an hour. Most people think I'm on smack, and I am, but their insinuations are circumstantial, so they are kind of wrong because they are basing it on false evidence, but it's true

I am a fucking Slut Junkie for life on a farm of poison and death haunts us all, most of us don't know it.

Dylan: If you want to screen our two hour epic feature film ReAgitator in your venue, theater, bar, bathtub, toilet, tree, hole, etc. - please email me at thisisdylangreenberg@gmail.com ! If you'd like, I will even come to the screening and put on a massive and elaborate show for all attendees - I have no appearance fee and just ask for my transportation to be covered - or, if you'd like both the director and cast to attend, our transportation. We are based out of New York City. I can sleep on your floor and would need to use your shower once a day. We're good company! Also: Check us out on Facebook.com/DisckMedia or Youtube.com/DisckMedia! Also: I Love You! Also: We Love Golden Boy Press!

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