The New Girl Maggie Rogers

There is something about the newest track, "Split Stones" from Maggie Rogers. It's clear, it might come off as a sort of pop anthem from the start, but it really goes much deeper than that. Her sound is new and fresh, her music videos are the perfect amount of amateur and fun, everything mixes together seamlessly in the end, creating a sound that's addicting.

Her very first track, "Alaska", was created because of her inspiration behind her loved hobby of hiking, using sounds she hear on the regular to form this sort of serene and ambiance sounding world, but with "Split Stones" her integration of new electronica, really reminds of of how folk is transcending into the more blurred style of genres that aren't a specific sound.

According to Pitchfork's article on Maggie Rogers, her newest track, "Split Stones" also takes snippets of sound recordings from a backpacking trip she went on in Oregon. Making the track very influenced by nature as well.

She's going to be something huge very soon, we feel it and we're not the only ones.