Who is Giovanna Battaglia?

She's one of the strongest voices on fashion journalism. She started her career at only 17, with a focus on fashion, design, and her most recent art discoveries.

Giovanna Battaglia is an Italian fashion editor, stylish, and overall creative director for many luxe brands when it comes to branding, design, and marketing their products. She's based in NYC and Stockholm while also contributing to a number of publications about her career. She's the fashion editor of Vogue Japan and a contributing editor at W Magazine.

Her style is something we'd like to highlight, not only because her minimal appearance has a bit of fun when it comes to little quirks that make her stand out in a big way. Such as her top knotted hair or her personality.

She implements a deep sense of modern art into everything she does, and because of that we'd like to spotlight all the work that she has done for women all over who pursue this line of work.

As a writer myself, I find it very difficult to put myself out there as a female because of the responses I've received in the past, but when people like this continue to do what they love and have a "idgaf" attitude, it's inspiring and pushes me to do the best I can in this field.