We might not be the biggest outright fans of Miley Cyrus, but with the release of her "Younger Now" album, we have to wonder if this switch of styles will be around for good.

We do believe artists should be able to change their style any moment they want to, it's their creative expression, fans should respect that. But the fact that her bad girl persona was stolen from POC culture, she's been on our list of artists we don't particularly like. While this album does seem like the most professional and put together cohesive piece of work, who knows the real purpose behind this style change.

But with the release of her new album and her innocent image that she's adopted, it really brings up some interesting questions we'd like to ask you.

Do you think her style will be steady or be switched up in a year or two?

Is this the real Miley?

Do you like her Younger Now album?