Today we talked to Jacob Hoskins about his latest plans when it comes to music and his creative flow. We discuss his life goals, what started his love of music, and we dive deep into some of his latest work.

Jacob Hoskins is an electronic music producer and artist from Vancouver, Canada. Jacob has never been an artist to shy away from diving into different genres. Jacob has been making music since he was a child. Playing both bass, guitar and drums, with also playing in school bands. In middle school, he started producing beats off of FL Studio. Soon after he grew a passion for music production. At the age of 16, he produced for an up and coming rapper "Prada West" and the song they did together got over 100k views on youtube alone. He would later go on to take a break from working with artists and hone his craft. In this time he founded music group, Sound For The Future. In 2017, Jacob released his debut single "NAKED (feat. Reuben McKechnie)".

We're ecstatic to have him involved with GOLDEN BOY PRESS, let's all learn a thing or two from his motivation and persistence in the music industry.

Could you introduce yourself?

I am an electronic music producer and artist from Vancouver, Canada. I am 21 years old. I am the founder of Sound for The Future and part of Rejected Kings.

When did music start playing a substantial role in your life, what started it all?

From a very early age. Music was always playing. When I would drive around with my mom we’d listen to everything, from The Doors to Marvin Gaye to Moby to Eminem. I got my first guitar when I was 8 years old and I spent hours trying to figure out how to play it. I started making beats when I was 11 when someone in my school told me about FL Studio. The first time I looked at it I could not for the life of me figure it out, but when I figured it out I was hooked.

What attracted you to electronic music the most over other genres and styles?

The diversity of it. I brand myself as an electronic music producer because I feel its the best way to describe the diversity of my music. I come from making exclusively rap beats. About 2 years ago, I started to open up to making other genres and studying them. I actually exclusively made deep house music at one point because no rappers wanted to rap on my beats. That would quickly dissipate and I would start making rap beats again, except the rap beats I made now were littered with the techniques I learned from making house. Later, I became part of an electronic music collective “Unity Sound Collective”. Working with these guys opened me up to even more genres and more or less sub genres. I would quickly warm up to multiple new electronic genres that I previously did not listen to. Future Bass, Trance, Trap, etc were now genres that influenced my sound. I would eventually distance myself from the collective and work with vocal artists more often. I started working with a group of artists that wanted pop, r&b and dancehall. After I stopped working with these guys, I would begin to work on my own solo music again. My music was now way different from when I just made rap. So, to sum it up, I love electronic music because I feel I can do whatever I want.

What/Who has been one of your biggest influences that is separate from the music world?

My mother, she has always been there to help my chase my dreams. No matter how outlandish this pursuit is, she is the only person I feel that will always be there for me.

How do you feel your debut single, "NAKED (Ft. Reuben McKechnie)" has influenced where you are today with music?

I love that song. NAKED is my debut single to the world and I wanted people to know with that song that I’m not just a beat producer anymore. Its influenced my music because before I released it I was starting to feel like giving up on music. When the song came out, I got a lot of amazing feedback from people and it motivated me to keep going.

We're loving your latest single, "LIFELINE (Ft. BAINS. & Kyross)", could you tell us what inspired that piece, what's the story?

Last year, I met Kyross by being in Unity. I think me and him really hit it off. Before I met him, I was actually a big fan. I always listened to his stuff on Soundcloud. I asked him to collaborate and he sent me vocal chop, pad and bass stems. I listened to them and knew it would be something incredible. I remade to LIFELINE beat multiple times. With every version, I wanted BAINS. to be on it so bad. Every time I would hangout with him I would show him the beat. He agreed to it but we never found time to just go in on it. When we got the vocals recorded for it, It was game over.

What was it like working with BAINS. & Kyross? Could you tell us one thing that you like about each of their styles?

I love working with these guys. Kyross is a great producer himself, very diverse. He can make anything from a intense wave track to a bouncy house track. BAINS. is a incredibly talented rapper that not only rap his a** off but come up with catchy melodies and emotional harmonies. He also makes all of his beats, and all of them knock. But if you want to listen to more of BAINS. he just released his debut album, “NORTHWEST”. It is amazing front to back.

Do you regret anything that you've done in your music career? Has there been anything you wish you could change or do you see it as a learning experience?

I don't regret anything, everything I’ve done up to this point was a part of my progression of learning. I chalk everything up as a learning experience. From making songs with Prada West and other local rappers to sitting in my room for hours for countless hours trying to perfect my craft.

Could you give us a little insight to your collaboration with Prada West? What's one aspect of that experience that stands out the most to you today?

I met homie at Anytime Fitness. We use to train a bit together. I wouldn't say it was the making of the music because he did most of the writing and recording on his own time away from me. I would say the thing that stands out the most is the time me and him went to Victoria for a show he was doing. I remember there may have been less than 10 people there. Prada still hit the stage hard, talked to all of his fans after the show. Still made it an experience for the people that were there.

Since you've been involved with music for so long, do you ever feel under pressure by fans and listeners? How do you personally push through that stress and expectation?

I think I pressure myself more than any fan ever will. I want to be great. I want to become the best artist and person I am able to become. Pressure leads to stress, stress leads to making music then it becomes a full circle thing.

Give us one goal that has to do with your craft that you want to be able to accomplish within the next few years.

I have a goal of travelling the world from music. I really hope I can do that.

What makes you happy?


Any closing comments?

Listen to Northwest by BAINS. Listen to LASH by Kyross. Listen to Shine by SO LOKI. Listen to The Boy In Blue by Declan.wav. Keep your eyes locked on Nyhla Records. Keep your eyes locked to Sound For The Future & Rejected Kings. Keep your eyes locked to SV Nation. There is a lot of amazing music coming out of Vancouver!

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